Custom driveways....sidewalks....porches....garage floors....pools....kitchen countertops....basement floors....patios & hardscaping....limitless colors and designs....imprints to mimic stone, brick, wood or other materials....impervious to insects; won't rot or split like wood....colors won't fade; does not need constant painting like wood does
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Ohio Concrete Design Products

Renew-Crete® Spray-Coat

Renew-Crete spray-on products can easily be applied to existing surfaces. By far the most economical solution, the spray-on products offer the following advantages:

  • May be applied to surface of existing walkways, patios, floors or other structures
  • Most economical solution
  • Large color selection
  • Large selection of standard patterns available
  • Inifinite selection of custom patterns available
  • Colors will not fade
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Oil-, rust- and mildew-resistant

  Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay & Concrete  

Renew-Crete stamped products offer the following advantages:

  • Large selection of stamp patterns & colors
  • Large selection of standard patterns available
  • Colors will not fade
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Oil-, rust- and mildew-resistant

RubberDek® Coatings

RubberDek® is a flexible, pliable rubberized coating that is perfect for surfaces demanding extra traction and/or impact absorption.

It reduces the likelihood of injury from falls. It also absorbs shock, making it easier on feet and joints. It is slip-resistant even when wet, reducing the chance of injury. Maintenance-free, it cleans with soap and water. It also conceals surface flaws, because it can be applied over uneven substrates such as cracked, chipped, or potholed material. After applying RubberDek, the final surface will be smooth and blemish-free!

RubberDek is pliable, yet sturdy, and will expand up to 1/4 " over most substrates. It can be applied over concrete, wood, pavers, brick, tile, stone, asphalt, chipboard, aluminum and steel. Water drains through RubberDek, reducing the chance of mildew growth.

RubberDek coatings have the following advantages:

  • Impact-absorbant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Can be troweled on to existing surfaces--such as brick--as well as other uneven surfaces
  • Maintenance-free
  • Porous; water drains through, reducing chances of mildew growth
  • Pliable and weather-tolerant
  • Many different colors available

See some samples of RubberDek coatings.

View the RubberDek FAQs


Our revolutionary system can give your countertop the look of granite, marble, or concrete.

Don't replace your countertop! Instead, simply resurface it using our concrete products. Our system has been featured on shows such as Extreme Makeover, Flip That House and HGTV's Designed To Sell.
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