Custom driveways....sidewalks....porches....garage countertops....basement floors....patios & hardscaping....limitless colors and designs....imprints to mimic stone, wood or other materials....impervious to insects; won't rot or split like wood
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et us design the perfect indoor or outdoor space for you! At Ohio Concrete Design, we can custom-design any porch, patio, sidewalk, garage floor, or basement floor for you. Using our state-of-the-art fabrication process, we can create a spray-on or stamped-concrete floor, wall or object that will accent and highlight any building's decor and style. Unlike wood, a stamped-concrete structure will not rot, is impervious to insects, and resists damage due to water, ice, cold and wind. Also unlike wood, stamped-concrete objects are available in limitless designs and colors, to perfectly match the style of your home or business.

Every year, thousands of tons of concrete are unnecessarily ripped out and discarded, stressing our landfills. This happens even though the vast majority of this concrete is in good structural shape. There are exceptions, of course, but the most common situations are cracking and spalling (chipping and flaking).

However, cracks can often be filled, and once the flaking is removed, the concrete can be restored with our unique combination of acrylics and cements. The resulting finish is not only beautiful, but resists the corrosive effects of weather. Our numerous finishes add years of life to your existing concrete while adding beauty and design interest to your entire landscape.

So rather than ripping out your existing concrete and replacing it with a new plain surface that will crack and spall again, instead beautify it with Ohio Concrete Design!